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Short Stories

Here are a few of my short stories - just click on the images below and download them to your e-reader.

The Body Cover

‘Time to find a body,’ Derek said, and dragged himself to his feet. The dogs both opened their eyes, stretched, wagged their tails, and ran to the door.


Something in her half smile disturbed his sleeping memory. Bonfire Night, hands held through wool, the smell of burning wood. Memories are muddled. Was it love? What happened to her? Is that her? What should he say now?


The tube ride was tranquil, except for the Marriage of Figaro in his head. As it turns out, at the end of the day, it was something completely different.


The Great Potato Mystery is a gentle story of nostalgia and half-remembered vignettes. What do a red bucket, potatoes and the fear of the sky falling on your head have in common? Why was Grandma always peeling potatoes? What did she do with them all? Will we ever find out?


Gordon Wendy, P. I., receives three letters and a glove in the mail. (The glove, it seems, is not important.) He has a mystery to solve. Can he crack the case with a twist? Can he stand up after so many vodka and oranges?


Arthur and Gilbert, born the same year, grew up in the same village, married in the same church, share the same bottle of beer. Their paths cross, twice. Do they share the same memory of an injustice from their past?


Choosing a table at the back, he hopes for minimal distraction. He sits observing. Why is the waitress so insistent on getting his order? Why is that woman scribbling in her notebook? He wasn't that hungry after all, the soup was very filling.

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